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Planning to Sell Your Car?

If you decide to sell your car please call Houston Car Buyer for a fast free reliable quote. We buy all types of vehicles at Houston Car Buyer, cars, trucks, SUVs, luxury cars, classic cars, boats, motorcycles, salvage title, wrecked or damaged vehicles, commercial, you name it, we buy it! We can even come to you!

Want to sell a car?
  • Don't place ads and invite strangers to your home.
  • Don't trade in, we will usually pay you more.

At Houston Car Buyer we are not selling anything, we just want to pay you top dollar for your vehicle. We have purchased many vehicles since we started Houston Car Buyer. We have 25 years of experience buying cars at Houston Car Buyer, and we pay top dollar for vehicles. The knowledge we possess about the used car market has helped us make very fair offers to our clients. Our service is fast, easy and reliable. We eliminate the stress from the entire selling process & offer the best possible price for your car.

We ensure that our process is quick and effortless, you will have money in hand in no time. Call Houston Car Buyer today and sell us your vehicle.

If you request a quote from Houston Car Buyer it does not mean you have to sell us your car. We are sure to give you the most value for your vehicle. In some cases, Houston Car Buyer can give you thousands more. Our procedure is stress-free, there are no advertising costs, near to no paper work and no hassles about the ownership transfer. If selling your used car is on your mind. Think of us at Houston Car Buyer. Feel free to contact us at 281-300-3929 if you have any questions or concerns.